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1 minute is all it takes to Forward & Reverse Group or Group Confirm your urgent samples. STATUS1™ is designed to improve the immunohaematology laboratory workflow with an easy to perform, fast blood group of the highest quality. The STATUS1™ ‘Satellite’ Reader keeps an eye on patient identification, card loading, result interpretation, QC, data acquisition/storage, and even monitors your STATUS1™ centrifuge. Touch screen technology makes STATUS1™ Satellite the easiest and most powerful immunohaematology reader available today.

  • User Benefits
  • -- Allows group specific blood to be issued in emergency situations
  • -- No tubes or tiles
  • -- Complete system, always on standby and ready for immediate action
  • -- Elimination of errors seen in manual techniques
  • -- Up to 4 samples per 1 minute run
  • -- Includes Forward and Reverse Grouping and Group Checking with more tests to follow
  • Laboratory Benefits
  • -- Easy to use technology
  • -- Primary Identification
  • -- Includes Reader, data storage and interface
  • -- Automatic QC monitoring self-checking of instruments
  • -- Improved productivity
  • Patient Benefits
  • -- Group specific units available within clinically significant timeframes
  • -- Reduces transfusion delays
  • Talk to your local representative for availability in your country.
  • This device is not for distribution in the United States.
  • Performance evaluation pending.